Mum's the Word

The London Underground, a prima ballerina, Alzheimer’s and chemical weapons
by Betty Kaplan

“MUM’S THE WORD” is a hilarious and poignant look at when children need to become parents. Mum, is an ex Prima Ballerina with the Royal Ballet; her 2 daughters, an actress and a dancer. They first discover that Mum has a heart condition, they then realize that Mum suffers from the onset of Alzheimer’s when they find her riding the Underground, in full “DYING SWAN” regalia.

The girls struggle to find the best solution for Mum’s care within their meager means. They hire Muhammad, a Pakistani out-of-work ex baggage handler from Heathrow’s Terminal 4. Mum initially rejects him, but soon after the daughters begin to suspect Mum is having an affair with him. She has taught him to “partner” her in her fantasies, and the girls try to fire him but Mum threatens suicide. Then, Muhammad discovers that his only son, who is studying chemistry at London University, is involved with a radical Islamic group. Muhammad finds and disposes of the chemicals and bomb making books from his son’s wardrobe, and despairs when his son disappears. He makes the wrenching decision to denounce him. Now it is Muhammad who wants to resign and go home to Pakistan. Finally, the girls think they have persuaded him to stay; but, Mum and Muhammad have concocted a secret plan.

All lives collide, Mum, Muhammad, daughters and son in a terrifying yet funny and touching finale at Heathrow’s Terminal 4. Heartache, belly laughs and feathers!

© 2006-2010