Spontaneous Combustion

"a jump off the cliff of security into a brief encounter with the comfort of a happy ending"

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Set against the spectacular visuals afforded by Iceland, Ireland, London and our own City of the Angels, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION is a grown up, erotic contemporary love story.

When smart and successful "filofax carrying" DIANA departs her comfortable Los Angeles suburban home for her sister's London wedding, she leaves behind her husband ROBERT who is caught between work pressures, the sexual mischief of an office colleague, and the demands of their young son.

DIANA boards her plane and immediately finds herself in a confrontation over seating ...and almost everything else ... with the dashing and dangerous EAMMON, an Irish artist who paints with fire returning from L.A. to his homeland.

She takes solace in a glass of wine and a sedative, then settles in for the long quiet polar flight to London... which turns out to be anything but.  An engine fire forces the plane to make a crash landing in Iceland... from which EAMMOM rescues DIANA... who regains consciousness only to find herself in a strange hotel room with this mad Irishman.  And so begins their journey, -- very sexy, full of wit and wisdom about lust and love.  Through the very real magic EAMMON holds, DIANA faces her worst nightmare--and learns that life's biggest chances for true love and happiness can slip away while you are looking for guarantees.

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